Arctic 79 Pass into the Third Range
Arctic 79 Pass into the Third Range
AK 72.1 WEB
AK 22 8_08 JH EDIT 8×10 WEB
AK 73 Fire creek single exposure V1 PRINT WEB
AK 74 Fire creek pano 8×20 WEB
AK 76 Ikiakpuk Valley 8×10
AK 77 Snowy hillside fire creek WEB
AK 78 8×10 WEB
SN 282 Tuolumne Sunset 8×10 WEB
AK 89 Tundra Detail at the Canning River 8×10
AK 88 Streams at the continental divide WEB
AK 87 Stream at the Continental Divide WEB
AK 86 Canning River tributaries WEB
AK 85 Looking west toward the Marsh Fork WEB
AK 84 Rock and Fall Color along the Canning River WEB
AK 83 Headwaters of the Canning River WEB
AK 81 Spawning creek WEB
Arctic 80 In the Third Range
SN 298 Storm over the Sawtooth Ridge WEB
SN 299 Ritter to Lyell Pano PRINT 8×16
SN 300 Mount Ritter to Mount Lyell [pano]8×17 WEB
SN 301 Crags along the Taboose Pass Trail WEB
SN 302 Thunderstorm over the Palisades WEB
SN 305 Obsevation Basin at Sunrise [pano] PRINT 8×10 WEB
SN 306 Clouds over San Jaoquin Ridge WEB
SN 307 Flowers along San Jaoquin Ridge PRINT WEB
SN 308 Mount Humphreys from Tungsten Hills Pano1-8×10

I was born in 1956 in Verdun, France and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. In the 1970’s, I read an article by Sierra climbing and skiing legend Doug Robinson in which he described skiing the John Muir Trail without carrying a stove or maps. I had taken up climbing, skiing, and wilderness travel in my teens, and this article inspired me to take a winter tour of the same trail. Actually, the inspiration came when I flourished the article in my friend Jim Keating’s face at a party. Jim turned beer influenced cheerleading into the positive action of setting out food caches. In March of 1979, we started out on what would be a month-long test our mettle. The trail affected me in a profound way, leading to my becoming a climber and a photographer.